Saturday, May 15, 2010, 11:52 PM
Although i look as though im very carefree.
my life look like it has no worries,
but i can tell u tat im seriously very troubled.
veryveryvery troubled la!

i only hope...
tat i can share my troubles
with some1 who i can share with.
but!!! ,theres no one who i think i can share with!
i am feeling quite depressed.

i realised im wrong.
but its too late to turn back now.
maybe i should just go along with it till de end.

its really hard for me to get back my smiles.
i really enjoyed laughing like a crazy person.
i don feel happy eve4ryday at all.
but seeing my friends smile & laugh...
make me feel a little glad too.

i wan to study in korea.
my mom has agreed to it.
but have to wait till next year.
my time is wasted again.


Friday, May 14, 2010, 8:51 AM

almost forgotten tat i still has a blog.
had dance for the past 2 weeks with ketty & angel.
im so lousy at it haha!
but its ok i will practice harder!

very long & boring.
luckily the teachers are kind
and i like them very much =)

i was bothered for the past few days
but felt much better now thanks to bff(ketty)
you're loved!

Its very hard to find some1 who understands u.
who thinks for u.
who gives in to u.
who really loved you.
why is this so?
i think.. even if i died,
nobody would really be sad for me..
no one will even think of our memories.
because im nothing :(

i lack of looks, figure, height & brain.
although i keep try to improve myself,
but there is stil some limit :(

i wan to be like a happy, carefree person!
can i?should i? of course!!
i hope i can stop being so paranoid!
*slaps myself**
i wan my friendships to last long and good!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 11:15 PM
Its been quite long since i updated my blog.
hmm, school is fine nowadays.
just hoping to do well in my exams :)
frankly speaking,
the school time table sucks.
i wan my friends to last long too!
true frens will accept each other, right? :D

i dont care if u think...
im short, fat or ugly.
because tats me :D
i will try to improve.
but i like how i am now :)

went to ZUNO's showcase 2010 !
he is super hot and tall . haha
junsu was there too!
both of their voices.... *thumbs up* !
everyone must support zuno ok!?

spotted a guy who look somehow alike to
super junior's Ryeowook... in school.
he dont talk alot :/
maybe because there are
no topics to talk about? D;

i want to be myself.
its quite hard.
i wan to go back to my pasts.
be the cheerful & happy self.
with little worries and low care image.
maybe im being quite paranoid.
i feels tat my friends dislikes me.
but they said they dont.
i duno wad im thinking.

i have been chasing the time.
i want to learn many things..
but my family financial is
not very suitable currently.
i have to enlonged my course by 1 year.
delay learning my favourite dance.
delay learning my language.
delay the plans of going to korea.
its quite sad actually.
but wad can i do?
im a filial daughter :)
not forgeting about my diet plans.
still going on. and going down.
i must hit 45kg by end of this year.
and hit 40kg by end of 2011.
wish me luckssss! <3

love zuno,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 7:18 PM
My blog is "die-ing" ;(
can people who read, pls tag?
At least let the tagboard be alive. HAHA

Lengleng went to Korea already.
im so super duper JEALOUS !
haha. but i hope she enjoy the trip.
although she is not in higher nitecc,
but i will not miss her LOL
cause we are meeting every now & then xD

so far,
school is fine!
made some new friends.
and my class has many beauties!~ *drools*
there is a new shop opened in our school.
i love the choco chip cookies!
its not very bad. People, u can try!
im quite happy tat, some of my friends
has came into the same school!
hope to see them often.

i hope, i will do well in my school work.
and stop my laziness.
i want to find a weekend job!
whoever have lobang, please inform me!

todays conclusion:
i have been trying to improve myself in every way.
i want to be as good as the others.
i want to be as pretty as them.
but, there are many things i cant do.
example: my bones are huge and my facebone is.... -_-"
wad can i do? sobs.
but i really thanked my parents for how i am now.


Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:49 PM
Its been 1 week since the school start.
it was super duper BORING.
in this hot weather..
they actually made us play meaningless games.

dont know why..
i felt so down.
i felt as if everyone dislike me :(
im irritating.
ugly fat or short. or wadever.
infact, no one really know/care about me @ all.
im a failure right? ;(
hope after a night of sleep,
i will feel better.

i hope it can be a happy 2 years.
i hope my classmates can be happy too!
its a new year. right? :)
new classmates.
new life.
treasure my friends alot <3
ketty, meiyan, thessa, angel, lengleng, yvonne :)

update again tml!
im tired.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 11:08 AM
School is starting in 5 days time!
sadly, have to study until 2012 :(

Saturday, went to Wanni's house to stay.
went shopping and my money is all gone now XD.
totally broke !
just the contact lens,
make my eyes looked bigger o_o

This is taken when im in primary school? :D
pri 2-3 i think.
still not fat at that time!
but when im primary 5.....
Fats hormones start to change T_T
actually there are muscles on my legs.
due to daily running when im in pri2-6.

when i went into secondary school,
i stopped running.
and my huge muscles became FATS.

this is me when im a baby!
i didnt know i looked ike this until i saw the pics haha.

look at my hair!
i wonder how i can smile so happily when im young.
no worries.. just live happily.
but things start to chaneg again when i start to grow T_T

my dream is to open a nail bar or a spa!
i want to earn earn and earn loads!
and im sure i can do it.

and my 2nd dream is to have a small house in Korea!
so tat i can stay there whenever i want.
of course, i must do commitment to the country too!

and i will continue supporting my IDOLS!
DBSK, SuperJunior, Shinee, 2PM, SNSD,
this 6 bands are my TOP favourites!
not only the songs are nice,
they looked really great.
nice figure and nice face.
talented also!!
Talents are borned with.

so people without talents.....
might wan to consider working hard? :D


Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:28 PM
its finally over.
a pathetic year.

wat will things be like?

ps: Leng... stand up for yourself.
instead of feeling hurt.
you have no reason to give in all the time.
this is all i can advice you. <3


Monday, March 22, 2010, 8:58 PM

Yesterday was the last day of work at food fair ^_^
i had a really good sleep last night.
i stink worst than shit when i got home last night.
haha. when i took cab with pearlynn last night,
i realised its been a long time since we met yea? :)
anyway, i've got my pay already.

after working,
i found out tat ..
being a singaporean is quite shameful.
i was sellling coffee.
it was already much cheaper than outside.
and if u buy 2 packets, u get a free coffee cup.

to my horror,
those aunties is totally typical.
uncles also by the way.
they argue about the price.
and a smallblack dot on the cup,
they want to exchange.
they screen through every cup.
and its when we are veryvery busy.
i donknow wad else to say about them -.-
shameful !

today, rested at home for whole day.
felt much energetic already.

with love,

Saturday, March 20, 2010, 12:24 AM
woa woa woa...
today is the 2nd day working at suntec food fair ^_^
i dont know how to describe how my FEET is feeling now.
it felt terrible :( really!

hoho.. despite my feet,
the workplace is fun.
with cheeky people around.
like pearlynn, sarah, esther, small boy etcetcc ^_^

my sec schhool friends ^^
secondary scchhool always had the most precious memories!
im now half asleep already .
work again tml! moneymoneymoney._.

GoodNight &

Monday, March 8, 2010, 9:15 PM
These guys are especially attractive!
i seldom get attracted to guys so much!
i dont feel happy in wad ever i do now.
because in my heart and mind,
i want to go to Korea.
even my soul is there already.
i must go ! either this year or 2012!

Nickhun-2pm #9

HyunJoong-SS501 #8

Ryeowook-Superjunior #1 in my heart!

Hongki-FtIsland #7

Sungmin-Superjunior #3

Donghae-Superjunior #2

Jaejoong-DBSK #5

MickyYooChun-DBSK #4

Yunho-DBSK #6

im on my way to learning korean now.
wish me luck.
i must find a way to stuck myself in korea when i go!
if not my life is like... aimless?

my attachment life ended.
report and presentation also ended.
i somehow felt less pressure & happy.

but i feel tat my life was somehow empty.
my mind is filled up with Korean stuffs.
but my heart is empty.
because i can only treat thenm as my idols.
not friends =/
this is quite a sad truth.
but i dont care! :D
i will continue to love them.
nobody can walk into me anymore! XD
because i love Korean's singer
until i lost interest in other guys already -.-"

PS: Happybirthday to weijun!


Thursday, March 4, 2010, 10:46 PM
What is the most important thing to you?
To me, it is definitely MONEY!

with money, i can travel to KOREA.
with money, i can open a company.
i can have plastic surgery.
i can let my family have a good life.
i can buy wadever i want.
with money, i would be able to meet DBSK.

my greatest dream ever is to go to Korea,
and get to know DBSK.
i know its a little hard.
but i really really admire them!
i admire their looks, figure, height, voice and dance!
i admire them to a certain extend
tat i lost interest in ALL the other guys in this world.
*that does not mean im a les*

When i have insonmia at night,
everything in my brain is DBSK.
i dont know why. but its just them.

i don feel like continueing to study at all.
i want to go out to work and earn money to go to Korea.
But for my future's sake , for my family's sake,
they want me to continue studying my course.

although this is not i want,
but i have pushed my date going to Korea to 2 years later.
i think if i dont go to Korea,
i will always feel sad and reluctant in everything i do.

im here telling everybody to not follow my footsteps.
dont fall for a attractive boyband!!!
if not u will suffer like me.
i love DBSK !! <3


Saturday, February 27, 2010, 9:47 PM
1st May 2010 !!!!
Xiah Junsu and his brother Junho is coming to Singapore.
im so happy!
i hope that Micky Yoochun & Youngwoon Jaejoong
will come along too.
DBSK is the best!
i also hope that DBSK wont split up.

and oh, there are news on Kpop boy band "2PM"
i hope all the low IQ fans of 2pm
can stop all the brainless actions.
Jaeboem left the group is a fact.
why are u going against the other members
and increase their sadness?
especially WooYoung and Taekyeon.
it wasnt them who made him leave.
its a post from 4 years ago !
blame it on his anti-fan instead :)

Im looking forward to the trip to Korea on 2012
with Sianning & Priscilla :)

My attachment is ending on 4March!
im actually quite Happy.
i've wasted 2months of my life.
i've many things waiting for me after attachment!
goodluck ! i know i can do it if i wan to ;)

Loves DBSK,

Thursday, February 25, 2010, 8:21 PM

DBSK- micky yoochun
Look at his jaw!
Look at his smile!
Look at his humour!
im willing to use everything
just to exchange for him!
Life was hard.
There are many decision to make.
i was wondering whether to take Higher Nitec
or take Private diploma.
Higher Nitec takes 2 years but its cheap.
Private takes 1 year but its expensive.
Because i've made my plannings
on going to Korea,
taking the 2 years course
will delay and dragg all my plannings!

my family sugggested tat i take Higher Nitec.
i was so sad! but i had to understand them.
its was them who is paying.
i hope, this 1 year. . . .
wont be affecting me much!
i'll just take it as 1 more year for me to save money
and slim down!
oh yeayeayea! i've lost 2kgs!
my target is 43kg :S
i bet micky yoochun wont like fat girls.
Goodluck to me.

this is the new year.
i've done all my future plannings,
and i want to start it welll.
this year will be the goal-oriented year.
i must study well for . . .
Higher Nitec, Korean Language & Dance!
it might be tiring but i will do it!
i hope, very soon, i can speak Korean to my friends! <3

i became a hair model for the hairfashion students.
and my hair became copper colour! :D
i donknow it suit me or not.
but my frens says it suited me.
thanks to Xiaoma & Huiyu. :)
Its a great job! ^^
Despite xiaoma fooling around,
it was overall good!

on my way home,
there was THIS AUNTIE.
she DIGGed her NOSE.
i turnned and look at her,
she actually still dared to smile at me -__-"
it was totally gross.
i cant even find words to describe her.
She is from China through the way she talks on fone!

Sorry for not able to update my blog everyday,
i promise i will when i finished my attachment!
Loves Yoochunnie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010, 12:18 AM
Happy New Year everybody !
this is a new start !
forget the unhappiness & start anew life!

im on the way to saving to korea.
so if anybody have too much cash with them,
u may want to give it to me ^^

Today ate steamboat with colleauges!
^__^ thanks to my supervisor helen.
she gave me a ride home.
and gave me a red packet :D
im so lucky tat my colleauges are nice!
the attachment is ending!

Thessa is not here today D:
but i had 2 customers today .
at least not very bored.
Slacking and Laughing and Chatting
with Thessa everyday :D
we went to watch : 14 blades.
and the ending was .......
all the wugong pro died -_-

i wan to faster learn korean language
and proceed to KOREA next year after my birthday!
i would be happy to death.
Talking to tat Ketty now.
she is naggy!
im off to reply her now.
HAHA. don scold me whenu see this -0-

and im on my way to dieting.
so pls, do not give me food or wadsoever!
i will be very grateful to u :)

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.
And Happy New Year!
i wan get more red packets!
with loads of money ^__^

Thursday, February 4, 2010, 7:50 PM
DBSK Pictures, Images and Photos
Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoon
Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho, Choikang Changmin
-Dong Bang Shin Ki ~

They are hot right?
hahas seriously,
i think no one can ever resist hot & pretty boys.
especially when they are super talented
and has a great sense of humour.
many girls in this world,
like me, are so super into KPOP.
DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, BigBang, SS501, BEG,
SNSD, Ft Island, 2pm, WonderGirls... etc. .
We are not crazy over them.
its just tat we admire them too much. haha.
well, its because. . . in Singapore,
no guys dare to style & dye their hair like them.
no guys dare to put make up like their's.
no guys dare to admit they like Pink. (like sungmin)
no guys dare to be as witty as them.
therefore, most of the girls. . . .
fall for them so easily! :D

somemore, so wad if some of them did plastic surgeries?
they suffer the pain for popularity.
and their dreams came true. why not?
at least they are cute after that^^

GIRLS! do u agree?! muahaha.
some may not agree with me.
but this is what i think.
because guys in Singapore
are afraid of being critisize.
but also true lah,
they are not celebrities.
thats why they dont do this.
so i shall not type any further.

im so super tired from attachment.
and i spent 3/4++ of my 1st pay already -_-
sad case. x_x
i still need a big sum of money to go Korea.
but no worries ^^ i have 2 years more to save !

PS: Please stay healthy & happy!
Sarangheyo Donghae, Ryeowook & JaeJoong Oppa!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 7:53 AM
SHINee came to Singapore on 31 January 2010.
was freaking upset that i couldnt go.
even on 1st&2nd Feb.
Ft Island came too.
i cant go too.
i became EMO !! lol.

the workers and security
dont let singapore fans shake hands with the idols!!
wtf? we are paying mone.
we love them with our hearts.
why cant we even shake hands?
the idol are willing to.
but who are u to stop them?

but i swear i will go Korea
and find a chance to see them !
even if its just once.
although once is so not enough~

I hope Jaebeom from 2pm can go back to Korea
and continue to be the leader of 2pm!
Leadja!! Dont be affected so easily by ur anti-s!
they eat shit one..
they must be feeling very successful
because their purpose is to make u leave
and u really leave =_=!
think for ur members on the positive side!
i support you <3

Have been doing my attachment.
it was BORING.
but then, the days pasts,
and it had been 1 month+ already.
it will soon be ending.
which im very happy about.
hahaha !

Im here praying for
SuperJunior, SHINEe, DBSK, 2pm & FT Island
to stay happy and healthy.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 9:43 PM

my love, Donghae!
althought there are many other cute& talented artists,
i still prefer him !

Was wondering,
why ever would stupid girls die for some flirty Singaporean guys?
compared to Korean guys . . .
they totally fail.
maybe not all. but MOST.
bwahahaha. i find it so true while typing this.

was chatting with Thessa recently,
about young girls getting pregnant.
1stly, the guys are not as cute as korean guys.
i just don understand why those guys
like to play with girls.
after playing with them,
had your own fun & leave them?
*shakes head*
even if the girl wans to get pregnant,
at least find a guy with education or money? :S

i don care wad comments i will get from typing this.
its my blog ^^

*my plan*
going to korea on 2012/2013 with friends.
stay there for 1-2 years or more.
find a job there and survive.
anyway, even if i don get to stay there,
i will visit there often.

Sarangheyo Donghae.
Stay healthy & happy, fishy :)


Saturday, January 9, 2010, 9:53 PM

Taemin - SHINee

Today went to work alone :(
Thessa is having her offday.
sobs. it was so bored!
i only pick up calls
and take care of the reception area -_-"
but im glad tat im able to
slowly communicate with the colleuges!
oh god, i hope the attachment will end as soon as possible!

LeeHongki - Ft Island
(they are coming to Singapore on the 29 & 30th)
BUT i have no ticket and cant make it -_-
stuupid IA . . .

oh everyone, my chinese name has been changed!
my new name is Hanyi.
Please note!

Goodnight Donghae,
sarangheyo '-'

Thursday, January 7, 2010, 10:31 PM

i've capture ur everything in my mind.

IA -_- the most boring thing ever.
But for the sake of the pathetic cert,
just bear with it for 400 hours.
i know the way i sit is abit awkward.
please dont mind me -_-
Sian-ed! Saturday Thessa offday!
I have to be alone :( sobsobs.

i will keep all my percious memories
with my friends in my heart.
i may not express it out,
but i do care & love them being my friends.

i have a small dream.
i wished to live in Korea.
Tat is a place with the seasons.
i get to wear all seasons clothes.
enjoy the snow. . .
experiencing autumm,spring,winter and summer.
&& get nearer with my idols.

unlike singapore weather.
everyday humid. i dont like it.
korean language is a challenge for me too.
i will learn it with all my heart.
i might be short in height.
but im definitely not short in my brain cells.

People may say im crazy over fans.
But wads wrong with tat?
im not crazy till the extend of skipping work or wadsoever.
but i jus love them.
seeing their videos, it cheered me up :)

no one will know how i feel inside.
no one will ever understand me.
i also wont want anyone to understand me.
im just being myself.
happy with wad im doing, wad i have.
and i have the urge of wanting to improve.
nobody can stop me.

Stay Healthy & Happy .

Monday, January 4, 2010, 10:28 PM
donghae Pictures, Images and Photos
You are in Korea.
Im in Singapore -__-
We are so far apart :(
But i swear i will go find you someday.
Donghae (:

Stay Healthy & Happy.

9:27 PM
donghae Pictures, Images and Photos

1st day of work.
kinda good :D
the place was quite Ulu
so there is not much customer.
the colleuges are friendly
and they are nice.

its better than what i thought lar :)

Hope the 9 weeks of IA,
will past peacefully and fast :D

loving Donghae,

Sunday, January 3, 2010, 5:07 PM
Name: Lee Donghae
Korean Name: 이동해
Chinese Name: 李东海
Nickname: Pinocchio, Fishy
Date of Birth: 15th October 1986
Height: 175cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Religion : Christian
Blood Type: A

donghae Pictures, Images and Photos

4:57 PM
donghae Pictures, Images and Photos
i cant help it.
just wanna post his
cute pictures onto my blog.
too attractive already.
greeenn Pictures, Images and Photos

4:48 PM
donghae Pictures, Images and Photos
Donghae oppa-

Today is the last day of enjoyment :(
Im starting my school attachment tml.
The place is quite far from my place -__-
So, i need to wake up early. But its ok,

i will endure it since its only 9 weeks.
Good Luck to me !!

Love SuperJunior,

Saturday, January 2, 2010, 9:32 PM

Donghae Oppa-



Have a Good Night.


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